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Q: How did you get into dogs and what lifestyle do you associate with them?

A: It was kind of time to reorient myself in life and change my lifestyle, to allow more time for the muse, to intensify long walks on the beach and in the nature and to intensify and to make space in my life for a small new creature. Now the two of us are a team - my yoga mat, hairbrush, body cream is hers, no doubt & discussion!

Q: How often do you talk to your dog and about what (fashion, style ...)?

A: Permanently! In any case, all conversations start with : "Do you know how much I love you?".

Q: Your favorite restaurants, bars, cafes and parks with dog?

A: Difficult in Covid times, but Cosimo and I love the sun, beach, waves, sea spray, seagulls and long walks around Cap Ferrat - you wouldn't believe it but the French LOVE dogs, Cosimo loves for example the Rampoldi in Monaco where she is greeted by name, she loves it!

Q: What dog habits do you prefer to keep quiet about and what do you

insist on?

A: Cosimo unfortunately loves joggers and cyclists, it must be the hunting instinct, it is impossible to get her to run after them forever ... But: No food from the table, no begging and the couch is taboo, as well as my oh so tempting high heels ...

Q: Do you travel with your dog? Where do you prefer to go? And what should not be missing?

A: Cosimo is constantly on the go - loves driving and my convertible as if it were his! We love to go to a lonely mountain pasture (without cows, of course - but with lots of cow patties) or to a beach with seagulls, waves and lots of seaweed. Not missing is his cuddle cloth and lots of long duck necks and rabbit ears to chew on!

Q: What do you value in dog accessories?

A: The more stylish the better!!!

Cosimo enjoys spending his time between Vienna and Beaulieu sur mer in the south of France.


Renate Schwarz-Barta always surrounds herself with art in her working life at "Barta & Partner" and deals with its insurance, transport, restoration and everything that goes with art collecting. Together with her husband, she is also involved in the mumok Board and ensures that the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna will continue to be internationally as one of the most important museums for modern art.



  • Restaurant Rampoldi in Monaco: Cosimo loves it as she is greeted by name

  • Long walks around Cap Ferrat

  • Did you know? The French LOVE dogs!



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