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Q: How did you get into dogs and what lifestyle do you associate with them?

A: Our then 11-year-old daughter wanted a dachshund, then the cartoon won out: "101 Dalmatians" met "Alice in Wonderland", which became a reliable scenario for daily adventures, long hikes in the Vienna Woods and Carinthia: The "Bengal Bracke" needs about three hours of exercise per day, was originally even an escort for horse-drawn carriages, so is ideally suited for bicycle excursions in nature.

Q: How often do you talk to your dog and about what (fashion, style ...)?

A: Conversation gets a bit one-sided, but Alice is a good listener and usually agrees with her look. On the road she likes to set the direction and pace, so sometimes it can take a little longer to get back home.

Q: Your favorite restaurants, bars, cafes and parks with a dog?

A: Here on the outskirts of town, the question doesn't arise any more than the choice of weather. When we are out, we take everything rather calmly with the appropriate clothing or company - we like to go in pleasant company, motto "Let's Walk & Talk".

Q: What dog habits do you prefer to keep hidden "behind the mountain" and what do you insist on?

A: "Behind the mountain" in our case is a purely topographical question. We are very tolerant but insist on wearing a muzzle when free-walking: first, out of respect for people who are afraid of dogs; second, for self-protection from bait and poison; third, because of compliance with regulations. Alice agrees with all points.

Q: Do you travel with your dog? Where do you prefer to go? And what should not be missing?

A: We travel only throughout Austria, in addition there is a comfortable travel box in the car and stopovers whenever necessary, from which we all benefit in the end.

Q: What do you value in dog accessories?

A: Accessories should be functional, color-coordinated and washable. A selection of comfortable sleeping places and retreats might be appreciated as a bonus. Humans and animals hardly differ in this respect, we look for joy together and avoid suffering (amen!).

Alice is wearing TDCC collar Pigalle


ANDER PERCHER DESCRIBES himself as a "social-media-ignorant illustrator", but whether this refusal will stand up to the digital world for much longer? In 35 years, he has created character designs, animations and countless storyboards for advertising agencies and film productions. His most famous works are the lucky pigs for the Austrian Lotteries, but he also draws for editorials and advises museums on visual implementations, among other things. Ander Pecher teaches at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, most of all he is a family man, a cyclist and an animal and environmental protector. But he is not only lucky, but he can also count for years on his dog Alice von Taggenbrunn, a Bengali Bracke, who is always a reliable companion for him!



  • Long walks in the Wienerwald , Sophien Alpe and at the Faakersee

  • Functional, color coordinated accessories



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