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Q: How did you get the dog and what lifestyle connects you with her?

A: This little dachshund lady is the most beautiful companion for us, thanks to Corona! My husband and I always wanted to have enough time to fully enjoy the puppy phase and to be able to give a young dog the necessary attention and full time education - lockdowns and home office made this possible, of course. For us, a dwarf dachshund is the ideal city dog; you can take it anywhere, it's lively, ready for any outrage, yet cozy and cuddly when you feel like a lazy day on the couch.

Q: How often do you talk to your dog and about what (fashion, style... )?

A: Auguste is a delightful conversationalist! I actually comment on almost everything I do - from the choice of tea in the morning (Ladurée or Kusmi?), to the outfit of the day (are "we" feeling casual today or should "we" break out the new blazer after all?), to the things we encounter on walks ... back I get the piercing dachshund look, where I then try to imagine what her inner monologue must be.

Q: Your favorite restaurants, bars, cafes and parks with dog?

A: Since we've only been exploring the world together since May 2020, we haven't been to very many restaurants at all due to corona! However, we actually have one place that we particularly love, and that's Salon Babetown in the 9th district. While I treat myself to a manicure or pedicure, my dachshund is being petted, stroked, and well-mannered. The attached café also serves the best matcha latte in town! Chalet Moeller in the Vienna Woods is also particularly dog- and owner-friendly. Before a relaxing dinner, you can explore the surrounding forest trails here - simply gorgeous!

Q: Which dog habits do you prefer to keep behind the curtain and what do you insist on?

A: I stand by the fact that I am addicted to this dog! She is allowed on the sofa and more often in bed, but we sleep separately - she loves her own bedroom (kitchen). Good manners must be, but a dachshund has a mind of its own! When we are asked in the dog zone what tricks Auguste can do, I proudly say, "Not a single one!" After all, I see us as equal partners, so I would find it disrespectful if she had to give paw or play dead! What must be, however, is education. If I whistle or send them to their place, then that must also work. Only a dog that gets structure is a happy dog.

Q: Do you travel with your dog? Where do you prefer to go? And what should not be missing?

A: When we need a little change of air, we gravitate to the Arosa Resort in Seefeld. Elisabeth Gürtler's dog-friendly hotel is a true paradise for four-legged friends! Here you really don't have to worry about anything, an XL dog bed and snacks are already waiting in the room. And outside the front door is a huge dog run with obstacles. In addition to countless strokes from the truly delightful staff, there's even an engraved dog bone as a parting gift. Five paws luxury!

Q: What do you look for in dog accessories?

A: They have to be high quality, durable and of course elegant. It may seem superficial, but to me, a beautiful dog leash is just as important as a beautiful handbag. And yes, sometimes you catch "Gustl" and me in a partner look! Since we share our lives, we of course also share our accessories: So it can happen that she wears my Hermès bandana or a little Chanel brooch on her little coat. The dog doesn't care of course, but it gives me a thievish joy!

Auguste looks chic in her Collar and Leash Pigalle and her dog bag Döbling!


MICHAELA STRACHWITZ IS fashion director and deputy editor-in-chief of the popular magazine WOMAN. The fact that she now also deals with fashion for four-legged friends is, so to speak, thanks to the pandemic: A long-cherished wish came true, because finally, thanks to lockdown and home office, the journalist and her husband had time to take in a little dwarf dachshund child and get used to the new life in peace. Despite the Corona measures, she has already been able to do and experience a lot with Auguste, and she now also shares some fashion accessories with Auguste - and also relies on respectful equality in dog training.





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